Friday, September 30, 2005

SHOP: Black Rose Collective

If you are looking to be “A thorn in the side of the establishment,” Black Rose Collective is a good place to start. Although the storefront is not much bigger than a Hummer, this small space packs in some big ideas. From Anarchism to veganism, you’ll find a decent selection of books that will make you THINK, and if you’re not in a butterless chocolate cake-related food coma, maybe ACT against oppression. There are also a few shelves that offer books, clothing, personal miscellany, and household items for the low, low discount price of FREE. Ideas and personalities may run a little strong here, but go in with and open mind and you may find that you really do care about something.

Black Rose Collective
Bookstore & Freecycling Space
4038 N. Mississippi Ave.
12-8 Tuesday – Saturday
4-8 Sunday


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